Observations form Last Night's Game

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    Observations form Last Night's Game

    After sleeping on it, here are some observations:

    1. The Krejci and Bergeron lines should stay together, no tinkering needed. Once Horton gets back on track, and last night was a good sign, then we will have two well balanced lines.

    2. Kelly will quietly do his job as a third line center well which may annoy some on this board as we are used to having three offensive centermen with Savard in the lineup.

    3. Where exactly Ryder fits in will be a point of contention. The new third line with Kelly will be the classic shutdown line once Peverly joins the team which is something Ryder is not equipped to do. He is a 4mill scorer after all. Yes Ryder has been on the third line before but role of this line has now changed. We will see how he adjusts.

    4. The PP with Kaberle looked the best it has all season with crisp passing and good pressure. It will only get better.

    5. Julien will hesitate to put Kaberle and Chara together as a pairing 5on5. Claude always like to "spread the wealth" around.

    6. I am starting to think that the addition of Peverly and Kelly (both under contract for next season) might suggest PC may think Savard is done. I know PC can trade in the offseason but I can not help shake this feeling.

    7. With solid back-to-back wins look for Rask to play more than he has. Julien has been hesitating to play him all season but this may have given the Coach some renewed confidence in him.

    8. Seguin has played well enough to take the fourth line spot from Paille for the time being. If he falters then they will rotate.

    9. Boychuk will be the odd man out on defence for now but will likely replace Kampfer or McQaid if they start to falter.

    10. 7 and 8 above illustrate that we have excellent depth.

    Projected Lineup for the forseeable future"



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    Re: Observations form Last Night's Game

    Over all, i thought it was a lackluster game, glad the Bruins won, but understandably, it lacked any sort of emotion, on either side. Ottawa had 6 players up from the AHL, according to the TSN announcers. Calgary will be a better test. They have being playing good hockey lately. I hope Calgary has a really good game this Sunday !  Go Bruins.
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    Re: Observations form Last Night's Game

    I agree Stuke. The good thing is that they actually won the game they played so lackadasical which is a plus. A week ago maybe they would not have. Anyway, two points is two points.

    Not to ingore credit to Ottawa though. Lehner was pretty good up until the mid-point of the third and I thought their speed and tight checking were admirable considering the state of their team.Rremember, Clouston's system is much like Julien's in that it is all trap defence so perhaps it was inevitable the game became monotomous and boring.