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One Small Change

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    Re: One Small Change

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    What about putting some kind of sensor in the puck and in the posts to let us know if/when the puck actually entered the net?


    I've been calling for this in all four major sports.  Yes, the costs would go up, but with today's tech options, there is no reason why each puck, baseball, basketball or football isn't covered with a surface that interacts with a field that pinpoints everything.


    Refs determining if a puck went in by using eyes only was great in 1945.

    Tennis (from what I've seen) seems to have done a great job with the digitized boundary calls to go so far as to depict the ball deformation as it hits the court surface...

    I wonder if hockey call utilize that technology - even if it has to determine crossing a plane without changing direction?

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    Re: One Small Change

    Dav I agree. I think it's ridiculous that we can't have something that makes the call easier to make. I mean we have the technology to read a newspaper from outer space but we can't tell if a puck entered the net?

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    Re: One Small Change

    Might be tough to police, but penalize guys for jumping in and force fighting guys who put big clean hits on the other guy's teammates.

    I can't stand that stuff.  Clean hits are clean hits; keep your head up.

    I also am baffled that NHL '14 has instituted this idiocy into their game; if you lay someone out, you are essentially forced to fight.

    It's such a stupid development recently in the NHL.

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    Re: One Small Change

    NESN gets all rounds of Bruins playoff games. I'm  sorry, I miss my Jack and Brick.

    Lets GO BRUINS!!!