One Word: BELIEVE!

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    Posted by SanDogBrewin

    It hurts to be a fool like me.....if only I could open my eyes to the truth......I must admit it was insulting to hear him refer to some of the believers as "idiots" that didn't have "the brains that God gave geese". I frankly don't care if some fans want to sound off and be negative.What I don't like is their need to belittle the few who choose otherwise.
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    We did it in '04 with the red sox, why not with the b's? everyone of you fans needs to try and be optimistic until that final buzzer sounds and the season is officially over. its not even close to over. litterally yes they are only 120 minutes until the season could be over, but it wont be. everyone we gotta rally up behind this team, they need us more then every now. we all know the next 2 games are gunna be the toughest games of the whole year but with some faith and everyones negativity turned to positivity things could change. i made a lil inspirational video about and for the bruins. here it is.... enjoy, and remember BELIEVE!! and GO BRUINS!!!
    Posted by bruinsCupiN09

    In the past couple of years the Bruins broke records, some bad and some good. Lets come back and win this series and shut the frogs up for good. We are the better, stronger team. Come on guys lets get behind OUR team and give them some positive vibes. Lets enjoy this, not bit finger nails..Think POSITIVE
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    Re: One Word: BELIEVE!

    believe in the power of positive thought. visualize the goal and see it through. let's go B's