Opening Day lineups

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    Re: Opening Day lineups

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    That's what worries me, manny.  Need implies they expect him to fill that need, and he might not be ready for that yet.  I think you're right, though - he stays with Boston even if he doesn't play every night, and even though it burns an entry level contract year.

    I'm thinking more along the lines that Hamilton might excel where Team Canada failed to make an imprint with their d-men but mostly or only on the PP.  You mentioned this also after the U.S. game where we saw Hamilton free ready to onetime the puck , off the side wall and back door , the puck never got to him or his teammates were trying to do too much themselves, saw a lot of individualism.  Maybe an NHLer (i.e. Bergeron, Seguin , Krejci etc..) gets him the puck on the PP . 

    Also as you mentioned Julien will make sure 5 on 5 he's kept in check, this is where we'll see how he handles the pressure in his own end. I'm not worried with him gettiing the puck out, it's more when he's battling with an NHL caliber fwd  .  Also very important whom he's paired with. Nite brings uup a good point, match.

    I look at this more like a good problem to have .

    p.s. I don't have high expectations ; )

    The problem there is that historically CJ makes you prove it in a 5x5 setting before rewarding with PP time (see Seguin, Tyler). Not sure if that would hold true with a DMan, but I think that at least early, if Hamilton doesn't hit the ground running during even strength I wouldn't be surprised to see Peverly on the PP point over the kid.

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    Re: Opening Day lineups

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    Glen Metropolit  HC Lugano 36 12  34 46 2nd in the league this season. If Chiarelli isn't pleased with his draft picks play in the 1st few weeks and decides to go a forward route in free agency. I wouldn't have a problem Metropolit coing to Boston on a 2nd stint until the trade deadline.

    I was thinking the same thing after Patrice was praising him so much.  Do you know what the agreement is with the swiss league in terms of contracts.  Can Metro come over if he wanted to?  I wonder what the implications would be if he did ?

    Swiss league is much shorter than the NHL and once it is over Metro is free to sign with anyone.

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    Re: Opening Day lineups

    I wonder what the last day to add players to the roster will be?  Or the trade deadline for that matter.  I'm guessing it's a week or two later than usual, which might make it possible for Metropolit to pop up somewhere.  There's about 12 games left in the seaosn over there, then up to three best of sevens in the playoffs.  Lugano's on bubble for the playoffs, so it would be a stretch for them to run the table, but if they did, they're probably done around game 30 of the NHL season - about the 60% mark.  So it's not impossible.

    Now that I've thought about whether you could, Jeff Goldblum is ringing in my ears. 

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    Re: Opening Day lineups

    What this discussion has really shown to me is the Bruins have a great core but marginal depth - at all positions. 


    Any injuries and this team will struggle. 

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    Re: Opening Day lineups

    Who is AAron Johnson. I've been sleeping, but don't see anything onany roster.

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    Re: Opening Day lineups

    Already longing for the halcyon days when Benoit Poulit was anchoring the 3rd line

    a little scary -

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    Re: Opening Day lineups

    John Shannon from Sportsnet suggests April 3 might be the trade deadline.