In response to Not-A-Shot's comment:

Wow, I went over to the Pats side to talk about this subject.  What a wreck that place is.  No one ever edits the quote box, so it's next to impossible to figure out what the new statement is.  There seems to be two gangs over there of equal size.  No one seems to actually discuss anything.  They just spend their time bashing the other faction.

And Rusty is everywhere over there, making a fool of himself (as usual) and claiming it's your fault. 

It's too bad, really, because there are some good guys over there.  You just have to wade through 50 rivers of fecal matter to get to one quality post.  It really makes me appreciate what we have here, even if we do have to read the undying drivel of Kelvana, whom I hate.

Oh, and I got lit up by a chick over there for saying bad things about Hernandez.  Despite missing about 20 games over the past 30 years, I should leave the discussion to the real Pats fans.



I hear ya.  I'm a huge Pats fan.  And I can't stand that board.  Rusty is.....well....Rusty.  I really only head over there around draft time to read up on draft prospects.  But in all, I hate it.  The Red Sox board?  Just as bad.  Celtics?  Who cares.


I'm glad this board is great (sans a few morons).  It's soooooo much better than anything else here on BDC.