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PBruins vs. Monarchs

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    Re: PBruins vs. Monarchs

    Care to elaborate  abit about Cohen? I dont know much about his game other than Big/Physical/Big Shot i know he's just getting off an injury but hows the hands and skating???

    I wonder if they could be sniffing out a boychuck replacement.
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    Re: PBruins vs. Monarchs

    In Response to PBruins vs. Monarchs:
    I just got back from the PBruins v. Monarchs game and have some observations.  I felt that the best defender on the ice tonight was Colby Cohen.  Also was impressed with Matt Bartowski.  Hardest worker on the ice IMO was Kirk Mcdonald.  Most skilled and physical player was Joe Colborne.  I also felt that Whitfield had a strong game.  Also great Shut out by Dalton.
    Posted by Tuckerw3

    Thanks for the update.Glad to hear Colborne and physical in the same sentence.With his size and skill-set he should be able to  put up big numbers if it all comes together.Here's hoping.
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    Re: PBruins vs. Monarchs

    Nice post Tucker . It's good to hear updates from Providence.
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    Re: PBruins vs. Monarchs

    If your close by to the games Tucker, I would love to help kick in for a ticket to keep you going to the games. Nice to hear about the Baby B's, thanks.

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    Re: PBruins vs. Monarchs

    What I saw from Cohen:
    • Sound, Intelligent defenseman
    • Made very few if any defensive mistakes
    • Jumped up on the rush when it made sense
    • although Just 6 foot 2 inches plays with a style that makes him look like he was 6 foot 5 inches
    • There were parts of the game where he was a nonfactor
    • Very physical play as a power forward
    • scored the first goal on an ugly rebound
    • Looks bigger than wheeler because of his play
    • Seemed like he was getting knocked down left and right 
    • Laid out a couple of nasty hits
    • Laid out some nasty hits
    • Played with grit 
    • Talked the most trash on the team
    • Leader
    • Great Hockey skills
    • Nonfactor
    • although he spent a lot of time in the nhl he was not a stand out player on the ice