All flipping year we been saying we need a offensive d man well PC is working on getting Kaberle last time I check. Tomas will definitely help our D and PP, I will be looking forward to seeing chara and kaby on the blue line together. We needed more grit we got Kelly he is no super star but is a very effective shut down player.Ryder Kelly Seguin will be good 3rd line, Wheels is just not panning out for the Bruins and sad to see he will be gone before deadline. Everyone is saying get rid of Ryder at least he can score goals and as late playing better. If only Ryder can play every gm. like he did against MTL. this 3rd line will do damage come play-offs. I been guilty of saying PC not making moves but getting Kaberle is a risk but a safe and proper move. Once these two acquisitions are here it will improve our team upwards not downwards. I am not bashing CJ coaching this year but I will wait and see what happens when play-offs commence.Cool GO Bruins and Kick Start Your Heart and go on and show the fans you "mean" business. Laughing