We all do not like the start the Bruins have had in 8 games so far this season and neither dose PC. He is taking a patient approach to see if any tweeks should be made. This team is mentally off but so far Pouilot or Caron can"t replace Rex or Ryder and Corvo could show alittle more offence to replace Kabs, but scoring or finishing is the problem in most of their losses.
I feel the Bruins will make a trade to shore up the scoring and also to help the PP because they need a spark and the B's don"t have that scorer they need in a tight spot . PC said he will make moves if things do not improve and I don"t think it will be too long at this rate
There are rumors but who do you guys think would be a good fit to get these boys back on track, or should there be a move.
PC's press conference was to try to motivate this team before he makes any moves. I hope this motivation on PC's part works because we are slipping in the standings with each loss and 2 wiins vs the Habs, who are worse off than we are can get us to .500.
This is not where we want to be but there is alot work just to get there.