Penalty shot????

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    In Response to Re: Penalty shot???? : I didn't say that.. Your dibble point provides a better arguement for me then for you.. What if i said, so because dibble works for the nats he can't make an unbiased opinion??  cause your examples says he did.. Brickley is pretty honest, (i would use that word over un biased) I feel I am pretty honest about calls as well.. you can be honest and still be biased..nothing aggitates mre being at a game then hearing fans argue obvious and stupid (or lazy calls) etc.. doesnt mean I wouldnt have wanted the ref to let it go...
    Posted by rolerhoky19

    The point I was getting at with Dibble is that if you DO take sides it's expected that you take the side of who hired you.Listening to the pro-Hab slant during last nights telecast was nauseaating(Cole,for example,multiple times mentioned how well Cammileri did against the Bruin tough guy Krejci).So by that logic I'm saying that if PJ is to take sides he's more likely to be pro-Hab than pro-Bruin,regardless of what pajamas he wears to bed.
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    Re: Penalty shot????

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    You must have drank your dinner (and gone back for seconds or thirds) before going to the game last night. The Bruins played much better than the Habs? At times...but only the skill of Tim Thomas allowed them to still be in the game after 20 minutes. Blaming the penalty shot is hilariously weak: the Habs KILLED the Bruins in period 1. It wasn't the penalty shot that led to that. "Only in Montreal"? Remind me again who got the last 3 power plays of the game? How many power plays did Montreal have in the last 2 periods? Yeah...the refs really took it to Boston last night. "Unfair" is the call of the whiner. But hey, what does it matter...the Bruins will still win the Stanley Cup in 2011, 2012, and 2013 (just like they did in 2009 and 2010), right? Keep living the dream....or living in dreamland. Whichever.
    Posted by Kennedy97

    A voice of reason.... Montreal was lucky on the 4th goal nonetheless.  If that goal was not scored then the game result would have been different imo.  
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    Re: Penalty shot????

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    In Response to Re: Penalty shot???? : C'mon Kennedy.You're usually open-minded but to not see the officiating as atrocious is pretty sad.I would've thought maybe it was just me until P.J.Stock(who has no reason to pick sides)echoed  my exact thoughts.It was a garbage penalty shot call(perfectly played by the D-shouldn't even have been a penalty)and then Campbell's penalty for getting slew-footed by Subban(great hit on Marchand but run or fight-no need to slew foot)leads directly to another 2 goal lead.The fact Boston had 3 PP's in a row has no bearing on this argument unless you can claim the Habs weren't deserving of them.So explain to me why Stock(HNIC employee so certainly not pro-Bruin)is just a whiner.
    Posted by dezaruchi

    I'll stop laughing at this ridiculous point long enough to answer your point that "because someone is on HNIC they obviously would favour the Habs over the Bruins."

    You're right...I mean, PJ Stock must be biased toward Montreal. Clearly, since Montreal is in Canada, all HNIC broadcasters are pro-Habs. , There is no way any hockey night in Canada employee would EVER be pro-Bruin....I mean, never ever ever would that happen. The fact that Don Cherry works for Hockey Night in Canada doesn't blow your point to smithereens at all. Cherry is OBVIOUSLY pro-Canadien and anti-Bruin.....and proves it each week on Coach's Corner with all the nice things he always says about guys who play in Montreal (or aren't good ol' Kingston boys...Kingston, of course, being in Ontario and not Quebec). His Bruins ties are just a disguise...he's really a Canadiens fan.

    For a guy who "watches HNIC every week", you sure haven't figured out that they're run by Toronto execs and have more of an allegience to the Leafs than they do the Habs. How many Montreal guys are regulars on Hot Stove? Ron Maclean isn't a Habs homer, no announcer is now that Dick Irvin doesn't work there, and the aforementioned Don I'm laughing at you again for saying that nobody on HNIC would ever be pro-Bruin. That was just too funny. 

    PJ Stock can have his opinion. But blaming the refs is a cop out. Boston got outplayed for long stretches in the game, and did show enough fortitude to come back at times. But they did not skate well last night (and probably can't skate with MTL even if they did) and they're bereft of consistent scoring-- THAT is the biggest reason why they lost. Face facts: this Bruins team that many on this message board completely overhyped (like last year) is very mediocre. Do they have talent? Of course. Is it consistently effective....hardly. And unless that gets rectified, this team won't be anywhere near the Stanley matter what the Chief Myopian who started the thread thinks.
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    Re: Penalty shot????

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    In Response to Re: Penalty shot???? : Pointing out the facts isn't whining.  Sure the Habs outplayed them the first few minutes but that should not have been a penalty let alone a penalty shot.  Habs score and that just deflates a team.  Then a two bounces off a skate for 2 more goals?  yeah sure wheeler's was luck but not as lucky as those off skates.  Then the penalty call in Campbell?  really?  he went after PK but never even threw a punch, PK actually swung and knocked Campbell down.  If your going to call a penalty then call them both.  Does all this mean the B's would have won........guess we'll never know.  Just would have been nice to see an evenly called game, thats all we are saying.  Oh I'm far did the Habs get 2 years ago?   oh thats right, Boston beat them like red-headed step children. 
    Posted by dangr76

    LOL, 2 years ago. Yep, that matters now...about as much as the 07 playoffs do, or 04, or 02. You should have popped in a DVD of Game 4 in 2008 instead of watching the game last night, since clearly that means way more right now than the 2010-2011 know...the one going on.

    The Habs were flat-out better than Boston last night. There was only one area of the game that Boston outplayed Montreal, and that was in goal....if not for the brilliance of Tim Thomas (that plenty of geniuses wanted sent packing 4 months ago), Montreal has that game won after 20 minutes, penalty shot or no penalty shot. Oh can claim "it was luck" or "it was the refs" or anything else you want to claim....but it wasn't. guys have a pretty good team. Not as good as people were saying here in September...but still quite good. However, you were 2nd best last night: bottom line. Maybe it'll be different in January.
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    Re: Penalty shot????

    Wasn't P.J born and raised in Montreal?

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    Re: Penalty shot????

    why do habs fans spend all there time on the Bruins boards ???   Cause they wish they would be real Bruins fans ...they simply realize that their team is going down the drain ..getting old , stocks with big contracts (Gomez $8MM a year Gill, Spacek) _ + their young players are'ent going anywhere ...PK (lol) what a clown ,,,not reliable , no wonder why Jacques Martin keept him on the sideline for 3 games ...since he his back Montreal is 1-3 ....