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Pens Glaring Deficiency

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    Re: Pens Glaring Deficiency

    All of the above posts have good points. My take is that the Pens scouting on the Bruins is way off base. Out-hitting the Bruins is not the way to go, it's actually dumb.

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    Re: Pens Glaring Deficiency

    In response to bostonfan191646's comment:

    by no means do i think goaltending is pitts biggest issue right now, however if you're going to say taht their goaltending was even adequate you would be dead wrong. 1st goal, breakaway, but saveable. 2nd goal, should have been saved. 3rd goal, nothing goaltending could do. 4th goal, needs to be saved. 5th goal, not on the goalie. 6th goal, HORRIBLE goal, needs to be saved

    Not sure I can be "DEAD" wrong when at least 2 of the goals were not saveable, and I question your logic that the 1st, 2nd and 4th goals could be saved. That is your opinion which I disagree with.

    With respect to the 4th goal....Rask couldn't make that save either, so maybe you are putting to much responsibility on the goaltenders here and letting the defense off the hook.

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