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    are the better team....Bruins looked  awful... as usual in 3rd period. 



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    Re: Pens

    Thanks for stopping by.  Insightful post.

    Why don't you ever post when they win?

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    Re: Pens

    Penguins looked like the best team I've seen. Haven't seen Chicago of course but Pittsburgh is well coached, super skilled and super tough, even without Malkin... or especially. Either way, watching their power play and overall aggressive game, it really felt like a matter of time last night.


    B's appear to need reinforcements, specifically some aggressive guys with confidence.... 

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    Re: Pens

    From my perspective, the B's played a pretty good road game......until they got up 2-0, and then seemed to go into defensive mode. Pens continued to be aggressive and it paid off for them. We'll see what happens on Sunday when they meet again.