Peverley's NTC

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    Re: Peverley's NTC

    In response to stinkman's comment:

    Yes I read that on Kevin's Paul's twitter it's baffling to me. If he could move Peverly or Kelly would prefer Peverly then he should do it Friday. The problem is their isn't a market for neither,  lets say Tuukka gets 7/56 M and patrice gets he 8 year deal I am on record saying I would sign both. They are both great players. If PC won't  buyout Kelly or Peverly the only option is to trade a vet ( boychuk) or a promising rookie ( Hamiliton) to get anything good back. It should be interesting in the next few days.

    I think there are some teams that could use either Peverley or Kelly.  The return wouldn't be fantastic, but it would be a better return than the buyout would give.

    Peverley or Kelly would be an upgrade on MY Florida Panthers (LOL).  They're so terrible that either of these two would be second liners.

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    Re: Peverley's NTC

    In response to Crowls2424's comment:

    Additional context would be that Paille had 1 fewer point (4 more goals) while averaging 2 and half fewer minutes.  Additionally, Peverley averaged than 1:40 PP TOI over Paille. 


    Paille had one of his best years in terms of points/game.  Peverley had one of his worst.  No one is saying he had a good year, but let's not exaggerate how bad it was.