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    Re: Peverly

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Peverly : Marchand does look like a high end traditional checking line forward, but the way this team is constructed, our second and third lines are really checking lines that can score.  Our first line looks more like a high end second scoring line, not a true first line.  While its' not a flashy system, you've got great defensive forwards that can also put the puck in the net (4th in the NHL I believe).  Even our 4th line  serves its' traditional purpose and scores more than most.  Its' working right?
    Posted by CamOJonasink[/QUOTE]

    Yup. I agree with this angle as well.

    I can see the case for it and why it is a sound approach.  I am just concerned that what appears to be working will catch up to them (consistent scoring) against better teams in a 7 game series.

    It did last year.
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    Re: Peverly

    BB, the second line is the one that has been in flux all year, it's really the 4th line if you want to think about it. Or call it the other scoring line that doesn't play much D. Kelly and Peverley were brought in to fix that line.

    Krejic - Lucic - Horton - First line - no doubt about it
    Campbell - Thornton - XXXX - Definitely a 4th line

    Bergeron - Recchi - Marchand - Plays against top lines, important parts of the game to prevent goals - Sounds like a 3rd line to me

    Which leaves you with Ryder, Wheeler, Seguin, Peverley, & Kelly as a hodge podge 2nd line that plays 4th line minutes.

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    Re: Peverly

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Peverly : That would mean you think Marchand wouldn't do it on the 3rd line or magically think Recchi makes Marchand better.   We disagree.  I think Marchand would work on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd lines. One advantage of using Peverly on the 3rd line would be that he can take draws, so I see the advantage there in case Kelly is tossed and they still need as key draw in a game. No offense, but trying to talk down to me about hockey won't work.  Michael Ryder making 4 million dollars as a supposed checker is hilarious to me. I am glad you see everything with the homer goggles on.
    Posted by BBReigns[/QUOTE]

    sorry for talking down to you about hockey. i usually just ignore all your idiotic posts. splitting up the most productive line since before december seemed even more idiotic than your other posts and i just had to respond.
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    Re: Peverly

    I hope it won't just be the #49 that makes Peverly remind me of Joe Juneau.
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    Re: Peverly

    Peverly will have to earn that number.
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    Re: Peverly

    In Response to Re: Peverly:[QUOTE]In Response to Re: Peverly :  Probably the best team in the league since Chritmas/hanukkah/Quanza...
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