I have a bad feeling that PK Subban is going to get seriously injured one of these games. The guy plays a chippy game and that's fine, that's his role and he does a good job getting under people's skin. You may hate the guy and think he's a cheap player or a weasel but a fight is not what I'm worried about.

My concern is that this kid races down the ice with his head down going through the neutral zone. That's a recipe for getting your clock cleaned and due to his chippy play and unwillingness to back it up (by fighting), I think it's likely that this kid is going to get hurt as a player (not necessarily a Bruin) hits him hard coming through the neutral zone with his head down (saw it 2-3 times last night with Boychuk nearly destroying him.

I hope his teammates, coach, or family tells him that he needs to keep his head up because I fear that one time he's going to get clipped and end another promising career (ala Lindros).
PS - Same type of play that he hit Marchand on.