I usually try not to rush judgement on people and season's, but after being at last nights debacle I am all but resigned to start looking at next year.  I offer this thread to Bruins ownership as a complimentary but necessary list of recommendations for the future...

  • fire Julien- at this point, 6 playoff losses in a row in the most embarrassing fashion i have ever witnessed in my 30 years as a fan.
  • let Kaberle walk.  I supported that pickup and player up until the playoffs. He was here to boost the PP-failed miserably.  Get a better player for that $$.
  • McQuaid, Boychuk, Hnidy- let them go or demote them. Their hands/skill level is not at a high enough level to help an elite team. ARe they tough? Yes. They can hit and beat people up.  That won't win a Cup.  I'm physically sick of seeing them turn the puck over every time any forechecking pressure is thrown at them.
  • Chris Kelly trade- bigger failure than Kaberle. He make Paille look like an all-star. Let him walk.
  • Recchi-buy him a nice watch and drive him to the HOF.
  • Peverly-keep on the 4th line. SOME skill, but not consistent.
  • Thornton-trade away.  If anyone mentions ENERGY or COMPETE LEVEL you are just rehearsing the Julien playbook.  What does this really mean? Hit and skate hard and lose in the playoffs.
  • People i'd like to see in the B's lineup/uniform: Kampfer, Seguin. They are on the team but never play when it matters. I do understand it is because of their mistakes, but the other guys are making plenty of mistakes and we could use their skills vs ENERGY guys.
  • Acquisitions- would like to see a guy or two with ELITE talent. B's have plenty of talent but little ELITE talent outside of TT or Z. Overpay Richards, Brooks Laich, mortgage the farm to make an offer for RFA Parise.
  • Find a #3 or #4 D with grit and skill like someone in the Montador mold.  Some offensive skill with a good shot that is strong in his own end and can pass.  I'm extolling this guy cause of his somewhat cheap cap hit and ok skills. People with this type of D ability should be targeted.
Lastly, the GM's job should be on the line as well.  He has made some decent moves but some bad ones.  Keeping this joke of a coach has been his biggest blunder after last season.  Not to happy with Chiarelli's performance overall. Some people will say that you can't reallistically do this or that = i'm stating what SHOULD be done!!!

Go Bruins!