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    Well well well another 3 assists for Pouliot tonight against the Leafs ...a player that was costing only $1MM ....dam it if only we still have him with the B's...

    If the Bs had him he would be on the fourth line. And Ryder would be on the third. Ryder wouldn't be getting set up nearly as much as he is now, and wouldn't be scoring as much. Pouliot wouldn't be getting points simply for being in the same rink as Lecalvier.


    Also, as for your comments from your other username, the patriotsfan one, you need to be way more subtle. You might as well just have admitted you're the same person. you fool no one. you interest no one. you are not a brilliant hockey mind, in fact, you are one of the worst i have ever known of. PC is smarter than you, get over it. 

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    We need a player with gifted hands and a scoring touch moreso than we need another big body.


    Miroslav Satan?