1. Horton and Lucic are feeding off each other greatly; Savard, Krecji and Bergeron could centre them with the same offensive results.

2. Savard is one of the best playmaker in the league; but he's a damn proud player and probably wants #1 centreing duties any time now.

3. Krecji would be a top centre on most teams but will and should play second fiddle to Savard.

4. The Bruins fourth line is the best in the league by far, all 3 players inclusive (defensively, offensively and energy included) and should be left intact.

Now that Sturm is out, and the lineup is a sure thing for now: I wouldn't mind seeing this tweaking by Julien:

Lucic  Savard  Horton
Wheeler/Seguin  Krecji Ryder ( Seguin and Krecji could be interesting ....)
Wheeler/Seguin Bergeron Recchi
Marchand Campbell Thornton

Reference the PP units; I would try to bring Marchand, Seguin and Kampfer at some point. Maybe try a 3rd unit or something....