Providence vs. Worcester

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    Providence vs. Worcester

    Popped down to RI yesterday to catch Providence.  Here are a few observations.  I'm no expert, so I'm only calling what I saw.

    - None of the defensemen seem capable of handling the puck at all.  Lots of errors there, and a  huge gaff by Bartkowski behind his own net that led to the first Sharks' goal.  If we ever get an NHL season back and we have any injuries with defensemen, don't count on much if any help from Prov. 

    - Spooner can skate like the wind and has great skills.  He scored a stellar backhander on the rush.  But he definitely seems overmatched with the strength of the other players at this point.  Definitely needs a time to adjust to the bigger more powerful players.

    - Caron looks like he's backsliding.  He never had exactly top end skills to begin with, imo, but he looks lost half of the time and doesn't seem to use his size to his advantage.  This is a disappointment. 

    - Sauve was basically invisible.

    - Borque was noticeably sharper than everyone on the ice -- good vision and passing as compared to the rest of the skaters,  but I would expect that from him.  He'll be able to contribute to the big club if needed as a bottom 6 forward. 

    - Camper is solid, but nothing special.  He has some good chemistry with Borque, but of the two, Borque is more NHL ready.  Can't see Camper make a jump ahead of him. 

    - No Knight -- must be injured, and as for the rest of the forwards, nothing to say.

    The 1st and 3rd periods, Prov had horrible spacing and couldn't pass to save their lives (especially the Dmen).   This team looks really uneven. Spooner could be promising in a year or so.  Dougie H. and the rest of our D corp better stay healthy or Chiarelli is gonna have to go on the open market to land a sturdy Dman.  

    I want my NHL back. 




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    Re: Providence vs. Worcester

    Excellent post.

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    Re: Providence vs. Worcester

    Thanks for the info, Mac...

    Can't wait to see what Spooner can do once he fills out a little bit more...