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Rank this Bruins championship

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    Re: Rank this Bruins championship

    I agree with those who say the 2004 Sox WS win was anticlimatic - however - for me - my 2 most indelible sport moments were when Jonny Damon hit Vazquez's first pitch for a back breaking grand slam - when Damon hit the pitch I was screaming stay fair off the bat before they switched the picture on the TV to the outfield so you could see it go into the stands - I was jumping up and down like an idiot

    My other indelible moment was when Marchand scored his wrap around in this game seven - I lost my voice screaming score and fist pumping - I just knew then that there was no way Vancouver was putting 3 in against Thomas  -the Canucks knew it too - that goal took all the life out of that team it was easy to see on the ice

    2 awesome moments in my life as a fan:)

    Some have been talking about what team rules Boston - I don't know  - when I was growing up is was the Sox followed by the Bruins  - I remember paying for NESN in my first apartment in 1990 to see all the Bruins games

    Just an awesome time to be a Boston sport fan:)

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    Re: Rank this Bruins championship

    probably not fair for me to comment, as I'm not a New Englander, and only follow hockey in Boston, but this by far is the greatest championship victory to me. For the Bruins to come back not once, but twice, from 0-2 series deficits, against their arch rival, and then the Presidents Trophy's no contest. This was epic.