Rask & Krug

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    Re: Rask & Krug

    I love Rask's line on NESN in the locker-room shorts...

    "I had a shutout..." then when the writer said well you got pulled the last game before the Islanders game, Rask says, "You think that's my fault?"....that was easily the best response to a question in a long time. I'm with Tuuka...he got pulled and I know Julien did it to jumpstart the team (and it did not to mention help Chad's confidence) but there was a ridiculous tip-in for one goal and I don't recall a game where a goalie got pulled who deserved it less than Tuuka at Ottawa. Maybe v. Islanders, but not at Ottawa. I think Julien over-reacted.

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    Re: Rask & Krug

    Rask was supposed to have the night off in Ottawa so the brass could display Svedberg. Seidenberg went down and whatever was cooking with Svedberg was put on the back burner as needs were re-assessed. Goalies are a strange bunch and that situation could have thrown Rask off a bit. He'll be ready to go against Nashville.  

    As for Krug. Put him on the third pairing with McQuaid and give him his power play time...he'll be fine.