Rask "shutout"

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    Re: Rask "shutout"

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    In Response to Re: Rask "shutout" : Who has crowned him a #1 goalie? He has gotten terrible goal support almost all year. Not sure what the exact numbers are but if the bruins scored with him in net the same as they have for Thomas his wins would be much higher. That being said, Thomas IMO is the best goalie in the world today and Rask is a second year goalie that will have to wait his turn.
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    the goal theme has been stated a bunch, and its a crock..thomas had earned the bruins point is 29 of the first 30 games he played in if they scored him 1 goal.  meaning in 29 of his starts when the bruins scored, he took them to atleast OT. Losing only 1 game in regulation where the bruins scored (5 of his first 6 losses the bruins were shut out in)
    Rask play early in the season was like much of the bruins play, he started out slow in games and they were battling back..  He has been better as of late, and he earned last nights win for sure, but he gave up a soft one against EDM, and certainly did not look to be "on" down the stretch, and was indeed given the soft starts.

    The bruins are in position that he should see half the starts down the stretch assuming he can win, but thomas has earned everything he has done this year, his goal support was no better then Rask's was, he just made more of what he was given.
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    Re: Rask "shutout"

    If the AHL Callups didn't block sure goals by Bergeron and Recchi and the score was 3 - 0 or if the post shot went in and it was 3 - 1, would the reactions to the game be any different?  

    Two good but lucky plays on D by Ottawa youngsters kept the B's off the board on two seperate shots may very well have changed opinions on both the Bruin's and Rask's play... which is pretty silly.

    Rask played great, the Bruins were outshot but should have had three goals.  I'm happy.
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    Re: Rask "shutout"

    The guy gets a shutout and people are still b*tching. Yeesh..............