Rask In Big Games!

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    Rask In Big Games!

    2010 vs Flyers blew 3-0 games and 3-0 game 7

    2013 game 7 vs Leafs lets in 4 gets bailed out by legendary Bruin comeback

    2013 game 4 vs Hawks with a chance to go up 3-1 lets in 6

    2014 vs Habs well he just wasn't very good

    Had a couple of good series vs Pens and Rangers and good regular season but obviously I have my doubts.

    Also many goals are scored into an empty or half empty net and he is lying on his stomach.

    I wonder if the Bruins would have given him that long contract after this years playoffs

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    Re: Rask In Big Games!

    The obsessive/repetitive nature of all these "Rask is the reason they lost" posts of the last couple days are very Stanleyesque.

    If only Thornton and Rask had gone out of town the last 2 playoffs, the Bs would have 2 more Cups, apparently.

    This year for sure. If they didnt have the guy who played 5 minutes a game and the goalie was different, the Bruins scoring 1 goal over the last 2 games would have been solved.  How does PC not know this?

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    Re: Rask In Big Games!

    The Bruins scored 1 goal in games 6 & 7 combined.You won't win many games scoring 1 goal over a 2 game span, especially in the playoffs.Yeah,its Rask's fault all right,it's  easier to blame the goalie.