Realistic 3rd Line Winger - your pick

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    Re: Realistic 3rd Line Winger - your pick

    i pretty much said it was fantasy nas. relax. 

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    Re: Realistic 3rd Line Winger - your pick

    Chris Bourque for the moment, he is coming around each game. If the Bruins were 1-8-1 then I would be concerned.

    We did get a PP goal agst. Buffalo. NYR and Boston are both teams with same PP problem, take a look at what they have for shooters Gaborik and Nash. Boston is stronger up the center then NYR.

    The only weakness Bruins have is PP, but the team is a the top with other team stats.

    Already mention, Tim Connoly if he was not so concuss problem then he would be worth the chance. It seems majority of players in the NHL suffers from head injuries. The Bruins seemed to have PP issues since Savard and Kessel are gone. Savard was a magician on the PP and always seemed to sneak into those spots unnotice. My opinion the best shooter is Horton , Marchand quicknesss/agility and Seguin. Personally Lucic should not be on the PP.

    Marchand Seguin Horton Chara Boychuk 1st unit. Overall the coaching will need to keep trying changes.

    It will not happen but a good trade for the third line B. Morrow, Jared Stoll or Franzen.

     I hate to repeat myself but Pandolfo. is my gut feeling for the next contract signing by PC.