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Realistic thoughts about game one

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    Realistic thoughts about game one

    I thought that Thomas was a little off, but other than that the B's played a good game.   There was a stretch in the second half of the first period that they didn't get a shot on net, but outside of that 10 minutes, it was either a very even game, or more often one that the Bruins were dominating play.

    I think if we see the same thing in the offensive zone from the Bruins from here on out, then we will win the series.   On defense, I thought that Thomas got lucky a few times and that the B's could do a better job at making the shots from the Habs less dangerous.    I couldn't care less about giving up a lot of harmless shots, but dangerous shots against makes me spill my beer.   That I don't like.

    The B's blasted a ton of shots on net and a heck of a lot of them were blocked before they got to Price.   A few Habs paid the price for blocking Chara bombs for which you have to give them credit.   I wouldn't stand in front of his blast, would you?   If the B's keep blasting those shots on Price, we will see a few go though.

    Marchand played an awesome game.   It's really too bad he missed the net on that fast open net opportunity.   Getting free for a couple of partial breakaways against what everyone says is a faster Habs team was awesome.

    Krejci needs to find a way to get some room with the puck so he can work his creative magic.   The habs did a very good job on him last night.

    Kaberle needs to shoot when he has the chance.    He is a great passer, but he often gives up the open shot / rebound opportunity and looks for passes that aren't there.

    Here's looking forward to Saturday night.   I wish I were in Boston to see it live!
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    Re: Realistic thoughts about game one

    Spot on about Kaberle. Regardless what anybody thinks about him defensively he was brought to Boston to improve the PP ( not happening ) and carry the puck out of the B's zone effectively ( happening ). He also carries the puck into the offensive zone smoothly and to prime areas to score. The problem is he doesn't seem to want to shoot. He tries to make a soft feather pass that gets picked off or he fires a pass that is off target. I would like to see him shoot more , as we all know it doesn't always take a howitzer from the point to score. Maybe there is a tip or a rebound but for heaven sakes shoot the freakin puck already !!
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    Re: Realistic thoughts about game one

    Tho tired of seeing slap shots right into the hab emblem on price not going to score that way.

    The D were far from pinching.