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Really exciting times ahead..

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    Really exciting times ahead..

    After letting the free agent frenzy sink in a little, I'm really excited about the upcoming season. Yes, a lot of teams got better (certainly the Boston division looks like it's going to be a hornets nest), but that will keep teams and players honest as no one can take a game off. There may be the odd player or two still added, but i like the look of this team. Full marks to PC as Providence looks good too. This is the model that works, build through the draft and supplement via trade, not mortgaging the future on high risk ventures. It's not the swashbuckling moves that the excites the fans, but a slower, methodical approach that gives you a perennial contender. 

    Who knows what will become of Seguin, but i think it was pretty evident it wasn't working out in Boston. There's a fear of letting go of first rounders (cause they're "supposed" to be good), but i'm glad PC and Claude had the chutzpah to recognize that he's just not contributing at the level he was projected to. Whether that's due to playing out of position, not suited to the system, regardless. 

    I'm left with a feeling that most teams went "all in" to make a "one and done" run at the cup while Boston could very realistically make a third Stanley Cup Final appearence in four years. 


    Let's go Boston.

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    Re: Really exciting times ahead..

                    "1,232 games, Iginla has 530 goals and 576 assists"


    Is going to be heading to the net for either Bergeron or Krejci!