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    Can someone please tell me that this team is going to tighten up defensively and last night was just a fluke?  Is Tampa really that hard to contain?  It seemed like they had a scoring chance on every rush.  I know we won the game but I just need a little convincing here.  Thomas has looked really shaky as well and I was terrified with a 6-3 lead. 
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    Re: Reassurance

    It sure went both ways.  Some terrible 'system' hockey out there (but fun to watch).  It seemed to me that the Bruins routinely had three forwards too far in the offensive zone on the forecheck and Tampa broke out with a lot of 3-on-2's.  I want the aggressive forecheck, but I have to think if Bergeron were playing he would be the guy circling back to clog up the nuetral zone on the counter-attack.

    So, that's your reassurance -- Bergy will be back soon.