Recchi on the Canadiens.

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    Re: Recchi on the Canadiens.

    Actually I kind of wish bruins players would just "not comment" on this whole thing. I think it takes away from what their objectives should be.

    1) Skate your hardest
    2) Smash the habs every chance
    3) ????????
    4) Win

    But I dont mind what rex had to say. Im sorry but unless severe means something different in MTL than the rest of the world it doesnt seem like his concussion was that "severe". Im all for miracle recoveries but did the doctors lie about the severeness of his concussion? Something just doesnt seem right.

    Anyways keep your eyes on the prize B's.
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    Re: Recchi on the Canadiens.

    Unfortunately, the Bruins know all too well about severe concussions.  Max P got his bell rung and a veterbrate fractured on a hockey play.  To make Chara out as if  he is Matt Cooke was a big misstep by the Canadiens' fans and organization.

    Begin's hit on Savard a couple of years ago was a much dirtier...
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    Re: Recchi on the Canadiens.

    Recchi's remarks are kind of hypocritical as well ... im not saying im not happy he said them at all .. its just if memory serve's me right here, he was part of a diving and flopping team back in like 2003 for the same team that still does it today. He should have spoke up about it back then when he was with them doing it. Instead it took Kyle Mclaren unloading on Richard Zednik to prove what happens when someone really does get laid out. You get hurt and your not in a movie theatre 2 days later.

    In the end he only said what everybody outside montreal allready knew. As an organization montreal is a bunch of cheaters that promote thier players to do it as well.