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    When the Bruins won the cup in 2011 they had a very good mix of young and old and rolled 4 very hard nosed tight cheking personnel who could score. The main ingredant that kept it all together was an older player who played much younger in Mark Recchi.

    He made up for the lack of a good PP with timely scoring and a great attitude in the dressing room. He helped keep this team in focus and pushed the Bruins young team on to the cup. His leadership and experience was greatly missed in the Bruins 7 game loss in the 1st round of the playoffs last year. the Bruins tried to fill the void with Rolston but he was a player past his prime and not in the Recchi mould.

    This season is not much different with the Bruins having problems with 3rd line production and injuries creping in. With a player like Ricchi these things were a little easier because he could score and make up for the short comings of some of these losses.

    The Bruins have 2 good lines at times, scoring needs more help and the PP department needs to improve. The Bruins have no anwers for their lack of scoring and their struggles at present. They need that Recchi type player to get things to settle down.

    The Bruins Recchi type player is in the name of Jerome Iggnla. Same type of player with the scoring touch and more snaral to his game than Recchi, he is younger and would have the same type of effect in the dressing room. He is very hungry for a cup and the Bruins sure need his energy. Iggy would be a breath of fresh air to a Bruins team who needs a Jump strart and some new blood.

    If the sports channels are correct Iggy would love to come to Boston if he were traded and be a Bruin. That piece of the recipe could more than be filled if Iggy were to come here and PC has the tools to make this happen, and we could win another cup if he does. Let's hope PC can pull this off.

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    Recchi was traded to the Bruins in '09.  He was on the the team when the collosal collapse against Philly happened.  The following year they won.  People that call for a "Recchi-type player" often forget this and instead think he showed up and the B's won the Cup.

    Inserting Iginla a month before the playoffs begin won't instantly have the same effect.