I have gone winless for 38 years. I am now 45 years old, remember very well the Bruins winning in '72. Have folllowed the Bruins very closely ever since. Obviously, there's been a lot of frustration.

What I have felt for many years is that there are 3 ingredients in the recipe for success and I think that if you go back through the years since 72 that almost all teams have had these.

#1. Stud Goaltender
#2. 1 Stud Defenceman
#3. 2 Stud Centermen centering scoring lines.

Chicago did not have a stud goalie last year. Niemmi played above expectatioins and the fact that Leighthon was the opposition made life a little easier. TT is the man. He is the best goalie in the world. How can we not be excited about him? He is a stud!!

Chara is a stud. Those two goals last night! What can you say? Would you want to be standing in front of those shots?? He physically manhandles all of the opposition.

Lastly, and this has been the biggest surprise. The Centers have been incredible. Not only have Bergeron and Krejci been stellar but Peverly and Campbell have been great. We don't have two great lines, we seem to have three and a really good fourth. Bergeron has been great all post-season, Krejci has certainly shown that he is No. 1 center material.

Its all adding up, this could be our year . I'm enjoying the ride!