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Reflective observations & cautious but real optimism

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    Re: Reflective observations & cautious but real optimism

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    There's really no reason to be too cocky about Wednesday.  The B's have not been playing very well in my mind.  I was blown away yesterday, at how much better, the Caps were, at fighting for pucks.  Our Bruins are supposed to own the corners.  It was a lucky win, and those kind of wins won't continue.  The pp continues to sputter, and that must change.  Physical play needs to be ramped up.  Regardless of the scores, and the fact that 6 games have been played, the B's haven't looked themselves.  They haven't played their kind of game.  The good news, is that the odds are in our favour, of a Bruin breakthrough. As stated several times here, the first round is a killer.  That's where most upsets are.  Seems the better seeds are more nervous, and it takes a while to adjust, while the lower seeds, enjoy the opportunity, and play loose. The Bruins should win, but they really need to play much better to make that happen.  I hate predictors, and making predictions, but the Bruins have used up a ton of overtime karma over the last year.  They really need to get it done in regulation.
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    Generally agree here, Steve, especially about the Caps being the more physical team in the corners, owning the boards, etc.

    However, it's also true that the B's have persevered to this point while also being pretty snakebit/or the Caps getting lucky themselves i.e. a great number of hit posts and crossbars (3 alone for Boston in Game 5) that arguably could have ended the series by now in the B's favor. I think the Caps have been on the end of a few of those as well and that just speaks to the overall even-ness of this series.

    I'm not at all cocky about game 7, and not saying the B's are a lock by a long shot...however, I do feel that having expected them to lose in game 6, and with the Caps having all the momentum on their side--at home, tying up the game 3 separate time including late and forcing OT, sensing blood in the water, and NOT being able to finish the deal--has to play in the Bruins' favor heading into game 7.

    The extra rest til Wed. should also help players like Bergeron and Krejci (he was affected by that glass falling on him; don;'t care what the "official" word was) get healthier...and now the pressure is more on Washington than on the B's. They had the Bruins exactly where they wanted them and couldn't finish. That doesn't mean they definitely lose game 7, but it does look better for Boston going in.

    (Not to mention that OT winner by Seguin may just be the breakthrough he needed to start scoring almost at will.)
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    Re: Reflective observations & cautious but real optimism

    "AND seems to actually fear Semin every time he shoots the puck at him; Corvo/Zanon is a weak link every time they're on the ice; Seguin for whatever reason is snakebit; the rest of the cast is playing admirably but won't get the big goals when really needed.

    It's over today. Caps win 4-2 including an empty-netter and we can all start the great "Let TT go or keep him" debate until next year."

    Wow TTBI quite the turnaround from when the Bruins lost game 5 ? If Zanon doesn't get hit in the leg by a shot while he was clearing out a Cap from in front of the net which is his job and Semin gets called for a cross check (led to a goal) Greg is a plus- 3. Corvo is also a plus- 3 nothing like his regular season play.

    Ouch on the Seguin comment...
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    Re: Reflective observations & cautious but real optimism

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    1) Fantastic series. Every game so far decided by one goal. Heading into a game 7, that has NEVER happened in NHL history.

    Agree, this has been one heck of a tight series and can still go either way.

    2) I was right. This was a tough, possibly fatal (still) match-up for Boston. Don't care what the Sens have done v. the Rangers--Ottawa would have been a much easier opponent for the B's. This is NO EASY SERIES (by now obvious), and a very difficult hump for the B's to get over.

    Felt the same given the season matches and the little roll/confidence boost Caps got by getting in.

    3) I was wrong. I though the B's were over and done today, and never more so than when Ovie scored w/5 mins. left to tie it at 3. Then another X-bar in OT, and I'm thinking: No way this goes Boston's way. Then the Kid shuts me up and has me dancing in my living room. I F--ing LOVE Tyler G--amn M**F**ing Seguin and don't care who knows it.

    I"m sure you speak for the majority of us on this point. The game clearly had a momentum shift when OV gets that late goal.......then rings the crossbar in OT. And what a move by Tyler to finish them off. Reminded me of his breakaway goal against Tampa last year.....

    4) Looch gets a temporary reprieve for what has been a mostly MIA series for him. That was a nice little pass to the Kid to set him free in OT, and makes up for a lot of lackadaisical, I-thought-u-were-a-tuff-guy, why-does-everyone-keep-knocking-you-off-the-puck play. He stiill needs to find another gear in Game 7 and be "the Man" he is supposed to be, especially w/Bergy not 100% and Horton not available.

    Looch has not been as obvious a force.....yet. But he has set up some very nice goals, and is showing hustle both ways. Let's hope he comes to game 7 with the fire in his eyes, determined to put the puck in the net.....and drive some Caps thru the boards (legally of course :-))

    5) I like Jordan Caron in place of Thornton. Nothing against Thony, but Caron adds more youthful legs, and the potential for more offense, and hopefully, fewer dumb penalties.

    Ditto, definitely more offensive upside the B's need.

    6) What exactly has Pouliot done to the refs? I seriously am starting to believe he did it w/one of their sisters and they're out to get him for it. Two games in a row now he's called for marginal penalties in tight games w/time running out. Seriously--you could MAYBE see those calls as OK in a regular season contest--but in NO WAY do either of those calls make any sense in a playoff tie game w/time almost gone. Totally ridiculous and we can only hope it doesn't happen again in game 7.

    Let's hope it motivates him to put in a couple on Wed.

    7) I believe the Bruins will win Game 7. I don't have QUITE the same level of calm certainty as I did heading into Game 7 in Vancouver last year when i KNEW...and I mean absolutely 100% was ASSURED--that the Bruins would be the Stanley Cup Champs at the end of the night, but I do feel they have gotten over a serious hump winning this Game 6 I was totally prepared for them to lose. Feeling good--REALLY GOOD-- about Game 7 now. Go Bruins!

    I'd love to see a repeat of the Cup finals game 7, with a quick couple of goals to set the tone and alleviate some of what will surely be pressure on them being at home. With the B's having "been there, done that" 3 times last year, you would think that would be a big advantage for them.
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