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Remember the name Matt Fraser in this trade!

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    Re: Remember the name Matt Fraser in this trade!

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                               "is considered very weak defensively"

    I'm very confident in Juliens coaching staff when it comes to teaching defense to forwards. Savard was considered to be worse on defesne when he came over and look at what Julien did with him.

    Average ? I don't see how you can be considered just that and have that amount of offense on your stick. It took me about 3 shifts seeing Fraser in Austin to know why he was effective in the WHL and then the AHL.

    Anywho Chiarelli and his scouting staff like Reilly and Fraser that is good enough for me. This trade will be scrutinized all next season that is for sure.



    ChiarellI and his scouts have done a lousy job in evaluating talent. This is what you get when you hire your brother as a scout.



    Goalies- subban, gothberg, Svedberg 

    forwards- spooner, koko, camara, knight, smith, Fraser, griffith, camper

    dmen- Hamilton, Bart, morrow, krug, grzelcky, o gara

    I'd say he has done a good job keeping our prospects pool well stocked. Only thing I think we lack is high end forwards but we have almost all of our top six locked for the near future so there is not a need for that anytime soon. Maybe you should keep up on our prospects if you want to question our gms evaluations. 

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    Re: Remember the name Matt Fraser in this trade!

    Hopefully he is distantly related to Kerry Fraser and null finds out, which would prompt null to slash his wrists, set himself on fire, hang himself and jump off a cliff simultaneously.