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    Many pundits questioned before the series started which team would benefit from the long break between series.  Most that I heard said it would be relatively even and shouldn't be a factor going in, with the exception being Chara looked like he could use the break more than some.  At the end of the season I was on here stating that the Bruins needed rest in order to win the cup and that they should be sitting guys down the stretch.  They didn't.  Fortunately, the B's got their rest in the playoffs, and guess what, they are flourishing once again.  We all saw at the beginning of the year how dominant this team could be with "normal" rest between games.  There were many on BDC wondering why certain players looked awful during the season.  My contention all along was that with proper rest, we would see a return to normal production levels.  I think that Games 1 & 2 have shown what these guys can do when they are rested, not only physically, but mentally!  To me, this is the number one factor that has allowed the Bruins to do all of the other things that have been mentioned as reasons why they are winning. 

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    Re: REST

    I strongly agree with you and have been saying the same thing all year long. Coach Julien was saying the same thing during the season as well. Fatigue as induced by a compressed schedule is a great equalizer between a good team and a not so good team.

    I live about 20 minutes drive from the Canadian border in Vermont and make many visits there to play Pro-line (Canadian Bruins fans know what I'm talking about). My experience over the years is that in hockey, picking a rested team to win over a team playing their 3rd game in 4 days is one of the soundest investments one can make.