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The number of these guys who are dying?  It won't be long before there's enough of a pattern, coupled with enough of the Brain study material, for teh NHL to be considered negligent if they don't take steps to drastically reduce fighting or even remove it from the core of the game (i.e. tolerate it, but limit it the way the NBA limits flagrant fouls and technicals - automatic suspension for a third fight in a season, longer suspensions for a fourth, fifth and sixth fight, season for anything beyond that).
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You can change Rick Rypien's name to Peter. They both told lies about how they were feeling. They both smiled quietly on the outside, and would not look you in the eyes. They both went to their home and died. They both fought depression. They were both bi-polar. And lik Rick Rypien as in Peter, we all missed the chance to be there when it happened and are left wondering what we could have done more of to prevent it. It had nothing to do with fighting.

RIP Rick And Peter.