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Rolling 4 lines

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    Rolling 4 lines

    So watched back the 3rd period from the other night. Interesting to hear the announcers talking about limited ice time for Ward and a couple of others after 2. So I went back and checked the box score. They had 4 players with less than 10 minutes. Another just a spit over.

    Aucoin 7:11
    Hendricks 10:50
    Perrault 4:23
    Schulz 9:52
    Ward 5:20

    Are they really thinking they can go deep in the playoffs with that? 2 months of competetive hockey with 3/4 of a team? One of the Bruins big strengths is rolling those 4 lines. It may not always be pretty or even exciting but they find a way to get it done more often than not. Top 2 lines struggle, some of the lesser lights step up. Great stuff.

    For the Bruins lowest TOI was that man Thornton with 7:31 which I suppose explains why they were allowed to take so many liberties (kidding!).
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    Re: Rolling 4 lines

    Surprised Perrault hasn't played more, but Ward has been terrible for them all year. They don't really have the secondary scoring that the Bruins have so they can't really roll 4 lines as effectively as the Bruins can.

    Bruins need primary scoring more than secondary at this point lol.