Round One Grades

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    Re: Round One Grades

    Agree all around on the comments on Krejci and Lucic ... two of my favorites that are seriously underperforming.  They both need a shot in the arm to pick it up against the Flyers.  Kaberle is just maddening.  Not sure when and if he's going to contribute, especially on the PP.  It's like he doesn't understand his role on the team or what is expected of him.  Seidenberg was very strong all series, but that horrible "pass" that set up the shorty for Mtl was like a bullet to the heart.  I'm loving watching Peverley, Marchand, and Bergeron ... tons of energy, skill, and grit from those three.  That's a trio I'd like to see roll together next year.  
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    Re: Round One Grades

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    Krejci: F Lucic: D- Horton: C+ Chara: A- Seidenberg: A Bergeron: A- Marchand: A- Recchi: B- Ference: B+ Boychuck: B Peverly: C+ Ryder: B- Kelly: B Kaberle: F- McQuaid: B- Thornton: F Paille: C Campbell: C Thomas: B-
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    Just curious as to what Horton would need to do for you to give him a higher grade........suppose he could score 3 ot winners and add a couple more this series....maybe then you can bump him up to a B.

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    Re: Round One Grades

    Krejci and the B's 1st round pick from Toronto for Brad Richards.  Throw in their other 1st rounder if need be.  It would be like adding a younger, more physical Savard to the PP.  The salary from Savard and Krejci will cover the $6 to $7MM Richards will get.  Krejci is listed as 6'0 177# but plays much smaller than Marchand who in real life is only about 5'6 and 150#.  Krejci gets pushed off the puck to easy and can't win battles aling the boards.  I know he's only 25 but I don't see him ever becoming a dominant C.  With all the flack Lucic has taken for his lack of performance i the 1st round, look who was centering his line and what his contribution has been.  I say put Horton on the 1st line with Bergy and Marchand.  Drop Krejci and Lucic to the 2nd with Recchi.  Don't be suprised to see Seguin crack the roster against a bigger, slower opponent.