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Check that, it's now official.  Roy is in.


Should make for a few crazy nights in Denver with that nutjob behind the bench. He's got his own son assaulting people in junior so I can just imagine how he'll be in the bigs. I look forward to seeing some meltdowns. 



You're right, dez.  He's known to be a volcano - which brings me to this.  Do you think the nuclear coaching types like Pat Burns, Mike Keenan, Pat Quinn, Tom Webster, Marc Crawford, Jim Schoenfeld, Michel Bergeron and John Tortorella are largely being replaced by the more controlled, self-contained Bylsmas, Tippets, Oates, Juliens and Babcocks?  I mean in terms of motivating today's athletes?


Yeah RHO, I think that type of coaching is slowly going the way of the dinosaur in favour the tacticians.