So the Sabers trade for Ott and sign Scott. A rat and a player who can't play. I guess this is their version of getting "tougher" so they won't get pushed around by a team like the Bruins. The Canadiens aren't much better, adding a dirty goof like Armstrong. Prust is decent but they paid a lot for a so-so player.

Some teams don't get what toughness is all about. It's not about getting a dirty player or a goon. It's about having strong, physical, (mostly)clean players who can play (Lucic, Horton, Chara, Boychuck, McQuaid) and about skilled players who will take punishment and still compete (Bergeron, Krejci, Ference and others).

The moves my Boston's division rivals remind me of the Canucks' version of toughness: load up on rats, goons and dirty players.