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    Oh, I don't know TTBI, Roloson's an older goaltender who was bounced from non-contender to non-contender since his one flash of glory.  I'd argue that move could be little more than lipstick on the pig. Re: "Good team" vs. "win the Cup" - you can't win a Cup in January.  You can develop chemistry and commitment in a good team in January.  Good teams win Cups.  In the last decade, Carolina, Tampa Bay, and Anaheim have all gone from 1st or 2nd round roadkill to Cup winners to on the outside looking in in very short spans of time despite keeping most of the key pieces of their core intact.  Cup winning "great" teams of the last decade - the kind people seem to expect the Bruins to be - either hit a few huge jackpots later in the draft (Detroit) or stunk for long enough to build with top 5 picks (Pittsburgh, Chicago, Avalanche).  The only team somewhere in between is New Jersey, and they had Marty Brodeur, so.... Every team can get better if it finds the right deal, but rarely is the right deal found by forcing someone's hand.  More often than not, good teams become destiny's team when someone, or better yet, more than one player, suddenly steps up at the right time and becomes rising tide that lifts all ships.  Seguin could be that player for the Bruins.  So could Wheeler (no, really!) or Horton or Lucic.  You're better off trying to find ways to create the right conditions for a breakout than you are trying to add another team's gamebreaker to your lineup in March.
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    As long as you didn't say "Paille" ;-)

    Hey, like I wrote b4, I don't dismiss the "camp 1" crowd that says this Bruins team has just as much shot at bringing home the Cup as any in the pack, b/c of examples like you gave (altho' I would argue that Tampa Bay club in '04 was pretty stacked), and b/c of weirdness like the Habs knocking off the Caps and Pens last year.

    it's not over in January, certainly, and I hope you realize I think this Bruins team IS a good club. Many things to like, and maybe CJ has been purposely holding back Seguin's ice time in order to let him off the leash at just the right time. I also really REALLY like what I'm seeing out of Kampfer.

    But just to play some devil's advocate here--would you really be against ANY tinkering or moves w/this team b4 the playoffs start? If Kampfer keeps providing offense and playing solid D, would it be SO crazy for CJ to shop a guy like Stuart who may bring big dividends back? Or at least kick the tires on a Wheeler/Ryder+Toronto pick deal JUST TO SEE if a GM out there is willing to give up a difference-maker type player in return?

    Just curious for your thoughts on that or if you're more than happy to have this group of B's as your '11 playoff entry.

    p.s. Hope you're right about Rollie. Seems to me he's played pretty darn well this year for one of the worst teams in the league.
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    Re: same old c#@p

    Rollie first - some goaltenders excell on bad teams and flop on good ones.  They need the work, the shots from all angles, the constantly unpredictable procession of chances that only bad defensive zone coverage can provide.  Called on to make a lot of routine stops punctuated by a few good plays, they struggle.  That's my guess on Roloson.

    GMs should always be kicking tires.  You know that anonymous GM who was quoted as saying he didn't even know Thornton was available (and this is why we say MO'C didn't do his job)?  Guy wasn't doing his job.  If I'm out of beer, I don't wait for someone to offer me a beer, I go get one.  Feel free to try out your best "I tell my wife..." jokes here.  But I digress.  If Chiarelli finds a GM out there willing to move a star player in his 20s who can play wing or D and who is signed to a reasonable contract, and that GM is willing to take Ryder, Wheeler, and Toronto's #1, then yeah.  I'm not sure that guy exists, but hypothetically? Yeah.

    Thing is, I don't want to take one big swing and then spend five years lamenting and wondering what might have been.  Wheeler's been better lately.  Ryder's been as good as he's been in Boston.  And if that Leaf pick is top 5, we could see the kind of real talent boom here in two years that would satisfy everyone who compares this team to the teams that built with top five picks.'s all relative I guess.  Is the guy they're bringing in going to score enough more goals, open up enough more ice, directly and indirectly, to cover the 40 goals from Wheeler and Ryder?  Yes, if he's a star.  I'd start there.  Otherwise, I like continuity as long as it's balanced by competition for ice, roles, etc.  Gotta keep guys hungry.
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    Re: same old c#@p

    I think we're close to being on the same page here Try.  I'd be surprised if there isn't a lot of "shopping' going on between now and the deadline.  I think the key word here is tinkering, and it's almost a certainty there will be some.  My opinion of that dream scorer, or dman just that...a dream.
    Not sure Wheeler or Ryder will get much, since they aren't signed for next year, plus both have elevated their game from last year, spiking the asking price from PC.   That would be huge deal, and PC would have to get a pretty good package in return to replace those pieces, and still pray they'd work regardless of talent differential.  Seems like too big a gamble to me.  In my mind, Wheeler has improved a ton, and given his age, will field some pretty interesting offers next year, if he continues his progression(never thought I'd say that). 
    Stewart very well could be in the mix.
    Enjoy reading your thoughts TTBI. 
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    Re: same old c#@p

    Bookboy--You had me at "If I'm out of beer I don't wait for someone to offer me one..."   A philosophy I take to heart. Good point on what's to come w/the emergence of still-young players like Wheeler and obviously, Seguin. My problem is I've been watching this team for so long, and have sat thru so many discouraging seasons of 'wait til next year', that patience w/the B's is not my greatest virtue.

    Stevegm--I do think we're close to the same page, and I fully admit, if I were another GM I would not be especially bowled over by a Ryder/Wheels/Tor. pick package, but a lot remains to be seen (I'm still curious how attractive Stuart would be to other teams.)

    Let's just hope the B's keep playing well and picking up points.

    I'm ready to believe come playoff time and I've had my heart ripped out of my chest so many times it only stings a little at this yeah. Go Bruins!
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    Re: same old c#@p

    the salary cap prevents the B's from making "deals" or acquiring a big-time player. If anything, it already has hurt the team when it had to unload Hunwick's salary and his skating out of the zone ability--although Kampfer is a lot like Matt, so it might be a wash there. The B's are short on cap space after activating Savard, and had to unload Sturm for free due to cap issues. I think being a GM in the current NHL is harder than any other pro sports GM jobs. Chiarelli is limited in what he can do.
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    Re: same old c#@p

    Bruins are in first place and maybe the best team in hockey right now and people are complaining like they are the Maple Leafs?  Give me a break.
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    Re: same old c#@p

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    In Response to Re: same old c#@p : That's exactly how I feel about this team. I'm not in any way criticizing their recent road trip--8 out of 10 pts. is aces--and the Bruins are a GOOD hockey team. They are not mediocre and deserve praise when they play well, as they have for this stretch. Where I think some of us real fans (meaning, not trolls) part company is into 2 camps: 1)one which believes, as Dez does (and I apology if I'm putting words in your mouth hear, Dez) that the Bruins have the pieces in place, and if they play to their uppermost level--cannot only compete with, but beat any team in a 7-game series, given the intangibles of playoff hockey like a hot goalie, a good/bad bounce at the right time, and pure hard work and inspiration....and camp 2) which looks at the rosters of other teams like the Caps, Pens, Flyers, etc., and says facts are facts--those teams are better stocked with higher-powered offenses, better D corps, more overal speed and/or size, and good enough goaltending to pounce on the B's in a series and woe are the B's if they go into the post season w/out improving the roster w/an upgrade or two to challenge that talent pool, and sit back with the usual PC line of "we believe in the guys we have"....which I'm pretty sure is what was said in '08, '09, and last year as well. Both camps, I believe, have very legitimate arguments and shouldn't be dismissed. But I'm in Camp 2 b/c I see a team that's good, works hard (tho' not always), has terrific goaltending, some great core pieces in place that will get even better over time, but is ripe for another 2nd round dismissal. That wouldn't be so horrible (i.e. I'd have more patience and 'it'll be even better next year' attitude, if the clock on the Cup drought wasn't pushing 40 years.)
    Posted by TryToBearIt

    No doubt 40 years without a Cup will lead to added skepticism.Believe me,I'd also like to see PC make a move that would improve the team but that's the tricky part.Improving one area without subtracting from another.If a deal of prospects  for a rental can be done then make it happen(Like Gonchar for Shaone Morrison).But I don't think we could get anything for Paille and the return on Ryder wouldn't likely be enough to make up for the goals we'd be losing.Cap-wise it's not like Boston can make a move for anything substantial without shipping cash the other way so my rental idea is kinda out the window too.It's probably just wishful thinking that Boston already have the pieces in place but I honestly wouldn't say I thought they could win if I didn't believe it.Many see last years collapse against Philly as a reason we can't beat them.I see the opposite.With a patched together line-up,Boston took the conference champs to 7 games.I think Boston will show up for the playoffs with a substantially improved lineup(add Seguin,Horton,Campbell and subtract Begin,Wideman and Sturm).Throw in a healthy TT,Krejci and Savard and it starts to look even better.It's all about peaking at the right time with a relatively healthy lineup.Hopefully it'll finally happen in Boston so we can all argue about something else.Laughing
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    Re: same old c#@p

    The Bruins are not the best team in hockey right now.  They have a team that, on any given night, can beat the best teams in hockey, but that isn't the same thing.
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    Re: same old c#@p

    So if you are a fan of a sports team that can beat any team in the league on any given night then it is not the same ol c#@p then. Chiarelli knows what he has which is not c#@p but he has shown he can pull the trigger on the right big deal when he has too to make this team better.

    There isn't a Morris or 2 more years on an underachieving contract to get rid of this year the exact opposite Chiarelli has four picks in the first two round and two young players who's contracts are low, expiring thought could fetch some veteran's in return.
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    Re: same old c#@p

    The addition of Horton makes this a strong team that can vie for the cup without a Crosby.

    There is no player to add without a subtraction, that would be too large, I don't see the addition yet.

    It comes down to can Sav be the player we need him to be.

    An addition means that March and Seg will be the ones to sit as Cj will not sit Rec or Thorn.

    If Rasks play is back we will have the tandem to go for the cup. The D allows a lot of shots but a lot of them are not top quality shots, it is the breakdowns that lead to the breakaways a la Buf and TO that worries me, when we are not getting those same opportunities.

    Seg seems to be getting on track and with 3 solid lines(all depends on Sav with Luc and Hort) and March and Camp play with Thorn a decent 4th that is not a huge liability.

    Cj seems to be adapting to game situations and sitting 4th line to proper minutes when required, we will see if he can continue.

    Things are looking up, I didn't mind loss to Buf as they fought hard all game just extreme bad bounces cost us and the stupid shootout.