Same Old Crap

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    Re: Same Old Crap

    Nice to see a bunch of Bruins fans in agreement about Seguin's progress.  A month ago a similar thread would have featured many more posters in agreement with the first post in the thread. 

    As many hockey analysts said at the draft, Seguin may not have been NHL-ready for this season.  He lacked the strength of Taylor Hall, who was universally regarded as NHL-ready.  As others have mentioned, the AHL would have been a good place for him to work on his professional game, but that was not an option due to his age.  I don't have a problem with the ice time that Seguin is getting.  I would have more of a problem if he was getting 15 minutes a game and making the kind of mistakes he is currently making.  He will get more ice time when he is truly worthy of more ice time. 

    Remember, this is a long term investment.  The Bruins plan on having Seguin as a centerpiece player for years.  It is important that they bring him up right.  Limiting his ice time until he is a more responsible all-around player is all a part of that process.  If Seguin is only getting 11 minutes of ice time a game next season, it will be something to worry about.  11 minutes a game in his rookie season is not.
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    Re: Same Old Crap

    My 2 cents... Seguin is getting the time he has earned. I have no problem giving him more when he earns it. Thus far this season, there haven't been too many moments where I have said, "WOW" about this kids play.
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    Re: Same Old Crap

    The biggest thing I take out of those stats you gave... This kid is going to be a monster. 67th in ice but yet 15th in points for rookies. That's a good thing. When given opportunities this kid has delivered. Now that the B's are finding their game he should be given more of an opportunity. Especially since the new gameplan is to rush the puck.
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    Re: Same Old Crap

    I don't know if a year in juniors would have helped seguin. I think honestly it would have hurt some of these bad habits if anything.. The along the board play etc  I have pointed out works against juniors who are not as strong, or as good, another year of juniors and this is a bad habit he could have taken further..

    And as far as disagreeing with me? are you stating you still don think lucic will be close to 30 goals? cause i am lost...  He's on pace for almost 30 exactly, and just came out of what can be considered a lenghtly slump.. If he can even out the second half of the season 25 should be the low end, 35 the highend.. till this "slump" he was on pace for 45..