Same old story for the Bruins. New year same results. Make the playoffs. Be a huge let down in the 1st round. This team needed more Offense during the trade deadline not a defenseman. Look at it now? We still cant score on th epower play just like in the regular season. Kaberle is no better then what we had. Should of just stuck with Kampfer. This team needs another 2 forwards to be a contender. Not Kelly, Peverly, Ryder or Paille. We need goal scorers. But as we Know we trade those away. Well, Just like last year. Now I say it this year again. Cant wait for next years B's. Did anyone really expect the B's to win the Cup this year?? Until this team learns how to play with consistency, Hitting, less mistakes, play as a team. Nothing will happen. Just a bunch of 1st and outs for this club.