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    Re: Savard

    Did Savard get into any coaches faces screaming so much that he had to be separated ? No and I am not happy with the whole teams overall play that includes Savard. I've never suggested Krejci be traded because he is not playing up to his talent.

    If Heatley, Hossa or Kessel were asked if they would like to have Savard back as their center I think I know the answer.
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    Re: Savard

    Sandog- I know the answer as well. "I'll take Savvy back, but pre-Cooke hit Savvy" You were one that was touting Savard as the Savior. Just wait til he and Sturm are back to judge this team. Well Sturm is in LA and Savvy is a shell of his former self. Everyone keeps saying gotta give him time, I agree, time in Providence! I heard Beers talkin on the radio today and he brought up how Bergeron did not produce very well when he returned from his concussion and that it took him a full year to recover. He is absolutely right, so why have the B's not learned from that? The NHL does not wait around for guys to get their groove back and Bergy is a heck of a lot younger then Marc and it was his first concussion, not eight or whatever he has had.
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    Re: Savard

    So with that logic Savard should be traded because he's damaged goods that's rich. Please go back and find where I said Savard would save this team I'd like to see that please...

    PS. playing with less talent in Providence will make an NHL player better Ok LoL!
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    Re: Savard

    SanDog - I am not one of those posters that takes the time to dig through others posts to find exactly what you said. I Thought that you were one of the drum bangers, maybe not. I apologize if I am wrong. My contention is that Savard does not belong on this team right now. Whether he is traded or sent to Providence, I don't care, as long as his money is not on the books and his skates are not on the ice with a spoked B. I didn't say that playing with less talent in Providence would make him better. Playing in the NHL after his concussion didn't make Bergy better either. I don't think he is going to get better. He should retire and apply for his injury settlement check and spend time with the family, as I would hate to see him get his brain scrambled anymore then it already has been.
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    Re: Savard

    If the right package came along for Savard I would trade him myself but I also know that Krejci is not ready or doesn't have the wingers to be the #1 point producer on this team if he were Horton and Lucic would not be taken away from him.

    I would hold the thought on Savard just yet but I will also say he is no savior. I just believe he still has the talent to feed the correct consistent sniper is all.
    Peace Cool
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    Re: Savard

    how about instead of killing savard let us focus on recci who at 42 years old cant skate cant play the game at a high level any more you are always seeing bergy and seguin waiting for him he totally kills the rush and is slow as s--t comming back he looks like he is running in chest deep water!!! and the play that is getting everyones painties in a bunch if you would look back MARK RECCI has made that same mistake over and over again and look he still gets top min over marchand,seguin! so instead ofcrying over savadr lets hope something gets done about REC!
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    Re: Savard

    In Response to Re: Savard:
    For all of you saying Savard is untradeable, I'd be willing to bet Toronto would make a deal for him. Wouldn't be surprised if this happened at the draft or at some point in the summer if they fail to get Brad Richards.
    Posted by dc-bruins-fan

    I to think Toronto is the best & possible only team willing to take a chance. Like you said that will only if they don't land Brad Richards. Burke will be desperate.

    Also, I believe Toronto maybe the only team with the financial wherewith all to send him to the minors for the final2, 3 or 4 years of that contract.

    I thought maybe Calgary & Ottawa were possibilities but the more they fall out of the race the tougher it will be. I was hoping that one of the 2 desperate GMs would take a chance. Since Darryl Sutter resigned that will leave Bryan Murray as the lone desperate GM of those 2.

    If Savard gets dealt I don't expect much of a return. It will be a soft return like McKenzie mentioned this summer. Or bad contract for shorter bad contract. I just strongly feel the Bs should cut there losses on a very overated (By somes Bs fans) player.