SCF GDT Game 3 Hawks at Bruins

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    Re: SCF GDT Game 3 Hawks at Bruins

    In response to biggskye's comment:

       Something very strange about this whole situation. I have heard groin injury, and I heard Quenneville say it was an "upper body" injury. This type of evasivenes, is normal, but if it was a day to day, see how he feels in the warmup, type thing, like Queneville is saying, why would they not have dressed an extra player, for the warmup?


    Instead, a rookie has to get dressed between the warmup and start of the game, and play his first shift without the benefit of a warmup.

    It makes me wonder if something actually happened in the warmup.

    I think the only drama was trying to keep Julien from game-planning around no Hossa.  Smith was told to be ready in the a.m.  The "groin injury" report was from someone in the media, and the list of guys I trust to get accurate injury information in a Stanley Cup finals is very very short.  If Quenneville says "upper body" then it's "upper body".  And hey, who cares.  Ice packs are over there, Mr. Hossa, and we have a fridge full of beer and soda.  Enjoy the suite.

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    Re: SCF GDT Game 3 Hawks at Bruins

    Warning: The following is not hard hitting inside information.

    As we all know the Bruins are in for a battle on Wed. night. They need to continue to play physical, defensive hockey and continue to frustrate the Hawks and wear them down. They got away from that style for a bit in the second period and were playing more open then I would have liked but fortunately it didn't cost them.

    The Bruins took a huge step toward having a handle on this series by winning last night and we all expect Chicago to go all out in game 4 in order to go back to Madison Ave tied 2-2.

    Rask has been amazing and I really like seeing production from the revamped third line but I want to see the Bruins come out hitting on Wed. and continue to keep the Blackhawks on their toes. I can't wait for tomorrow night!!!