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    It's an unfortunate time for the B's to have a home stand. Wonder if they will have to look at relocating these games as there isn't any time left to make them up later. 

    It's also hard to image playing these games at home for the next couple of weeks. The wounds must still be very painful for the City. Every now and then one of these "things" happens and I can't stop thinking about it. Other times, I just hear about it and move on. Sandy Cove was another tough one.

    Sorry just had to vent a little. I have 3 young daughters and it breaks my heart to hear an 8 yr old was killed. Got to feel for the Father who was running.  

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    Re: Schedule

    I think that as long as it is deemed 'safe' to have the games played and the transportation system is up and running, they need to play the games.  Part of the frustration, among many things, is that one or two sick little cowards have already disrupted so much in this great city.  I say, play the games unless law enforcement sees a direct threat to the safety of the fans.  Boston is resilient.

    I hope the Bruins, and the fans, can put together something truly special for the Richard family, as I would imagine their faith in humanity is deeply shaken.

    Let's carry on, seek justice for the cowards, and seek compassion for the victims.  Play the games.  Play them in Boston.

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    Re: Schedule

    I would be so bold as to say, right now, Boston is a safe as it will ever get. There is a police and military presence everywhere and everyone is on the lookout. Much like those who had to fly on Sept 12. 

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    Re: Schedule


    Like Thornton, Julien intends to not let anything keep him from business as usual.

    "I guess each individual will think differently. I'm one of those people that wants to live life to the fullest. And I'm not going to live my life worrying about what's going to happen," the coach said. "You put trust in people that obviously it's going to be as safe as can be. And you've got to live with the consequences. But the one thing you don't want to let happen is people or individuals or whatever groups ruin your life by living it in fear. Sometimes you have to go out there and make the best out of every situation and that's what personally I intend to do. I'm not going to go out there worried every time I step out of my house whether something's going to happen. And I think that's what great about this country, that's not going to let anybody or anyone put fear in our lives."