Seguin 15 goals

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    Re: Seguin 15 goals

    Agreed Seguin is going to get his points, more in dallas then in Boston. But out of his 15 goals 7 have come in two games, that means 8 in 25 other games. He scores 4 against Calgary (worse goals aaverage) and 3 against Philly (not a top team. My point is maybe Tyler doesn't play as hard against tough competition. We seen it here. You just can't put point totals against another player from team to team..

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    Re: Seguin 15 goals

    Sequin will continue to motor on during the regular season but considering that the Stars will struggle to met the play offs (and won't go far if they do) and that he isn't a team player I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.

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    Re: Seguin 15 goals

    Pointless in 12 of 26 games, and pointless in 5 straight games prior to his explosion against a subpar team.

    Being the "best" player on a team, and one who isn't exactly a defensive specialist, he's not helping them win games when he's not scoring. I'll take a guy like Krejci or Bergeron, who (in their career trends) are pretty consistent scorers, rather than just have explosion games where they set the world on fire and disappear for a few weeks. They do have those games on rare occasions, but they are also very good two-way players.