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Seguin Ruined By Bruins!

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    Re: Seguin Ruined By Bruins!

    I respectfully disagree. He is having a really rough playoff stretch, but he has graded out right at the top of the scoring list for two straight seasons, with very comparable goals/game figures during both campaigns. In addition, his +/- has also been among the best on the team and it is clear that his defensive effectiveness has taken a step forward during these playoffs, regardless of his line's +/-. This, IMRHO, bodes well for him to slide into a centerman role for a new third line next season, with Kelly ( among others ) to be moved in the offseason. Rather than give up on him and ship him out of town, I bet we see the Bruins find him some offensive-minded partners when rebuilding that third line - Soderberg, for sure, is a candidate on the left wing. 

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    Re: Seguin Ruined By Bruins!

    Fanony, if you saw a stranger talking to himself on the street would you approach him? Same situaition.

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    Re: Seguin Ruined By Bruins!

    In response to cactusTony's comment:

    Mark my words, this kid is outta here! He was not handled correctly from the start.

    Switching an open ice skater from his natural position at center was a grave mistake. He is not built to be a winger..

    Then they stick him with stiffs like Peverley and Kelly and Daugavins , none of which could find the back of the net with a roadmap!!

    Tyler, it was good knowing you..take your 30 goal talent to a team that won't waste it..

    Trust me, he is trade bait at the end of this season...


    I totally understand what we say on here has no effect on what happens on the ice.

    But this whack job is batting 1000 when it comes to being wrong.

    Pencil Seguin in for 2 goals and an assist Saturday.

    Thanks Tony!!!

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