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     "There are parts of his game that have slipped a bit,"

    If thats the case Wheeler and Ryder would sit every night...
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    Glad he sat!
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    In Response to Re: SEGUIN SITS:
    What is with all of you that you think Seguin is the real deal and should get more ice time....He's just another rookie who is playing like any other rookie....For one, he needs to work on his skating. Ya he is fast on a straight away, but he makes turns like he is wearing roller blades, big gaping turns, with his monkey arms hanging to the side, one hand on the stick. His skating is so choppy...All things that he will have to work on in the offseason.... He's not mis managed one bit, he's just trying to learn to play a system that he may not be familiar with just yet. Precisely why he is sitting tonight against the habs. I think he's right on track and I for one have no problem letting some others step up to the NHL while he sits.
    Posted by bgrif008

    Probably the best post I've read all season on the whole Seguin situation! Spot on!
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    In Response to Re: SEGUIN SITS:
    My problem with this is simply the fact that Hamill is not going to give them a better game tonight than Seguin would.  From what he showed in the last game and so far tonight, he's clearly overwhelmed and unable to keep up And on that note, if they're showcasing him for a potential trade.....he's not exactly looking impressive right now.  So that may be backfiring on them I'm not saying, he's a big differene maker at this point, but Seguin has been there all year and is a better option than Hamill.  Especially in a big game against a team that's two points behind should field your best team
    Posted by Swerengen

    Mr. Dilkington!  Nice... Head like a flipping orange.
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    Really didn't miss Seguin last night, Hamil did pretty good and Caron played well on the 4th line. I don't think Seguin would have been much good to us in the kind of game that was played last night and maybe he should sit out one more game.