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    Re: Seguin...8min?

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    [QUOTE]He had a rough game and made more than a couple of mistakes. From what I've seen of him, I doubt he was sitting on the bench worrying about making more -- he was learning some lessons, and undoubtedly will learn many, many more before the season is over. It's not "punishment" for him to sit, more like  "discipline" as in the original meaning of the word, i.e. instruction.
    Posted by duinne[/QUOTE]

    I just watched Juliens interview. So im a little more relaxed on the issue. Although I dont agree with it I can understand it now.  But I think Seguin should be a part of any late game battle to get back into the game he has great speed to open up the ice.

    All in all though the B's shoulda won that game Halak got Ha-lucky(thanks With 4 posts bouncing out.

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    Re: Seguin...8min?

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    [QUOTE]Ok, mistakes happen, but CJ has no idea how to use the talent he has. He has had Seguin shackled into a defensive model; he has saddled the kid with Recchi who couldn't keep up and now Wheeler who has his own learning curve. Anyone notice how Wheeler tries to dump the puck behind the defense and go retrieve it?? That's college play not NHL Perhaps Seguin should be skating on Bergie's left wing with Caron on the right. This is a good team with some weaknesses that coaching should help. certainly Julien's defense first has lowered goals against, but he has yet to establish a solid offensive game plan. If Kreji has to sit out, Paille is not the answer, as some "writers have mentioned. Recchi gives 200% but he is still not staying up with today's speedier players. However, the past two games have been against very good teams and not because the Bruins are lousy as some trolls indicate.
    Posted by Bogie6[/QUOTE]

    So who plays center instead of Seguin? Wheeler? Horton? Hamill?

    Y'know, it's the easiest thing in the world to watch these games on TV and say "Julien should do this or that," but the problem is, we have no clue about these guys beyond what we see for a couple of hours in a game, and what people like KPD (who have their own agendas and prejudices) tell us.

    So who's going to play, if not Paille? He's here, he's on the roster, AFAIK, he's been working hard at practice and being a good soldier. What do you do, call up Jamie Arniel and start him instead? Is he going to offer you more than Paille?

    Julien has a better than .600 winning percentage in the NHL; I have to think he's doing something right. I do know he knows a hell of a lot more about his team, and what makes them tick, than any message board poster can ever hope to imagine.
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    Re: Seguin...8min?

    i say just bring him along slowly  and benching can help if done correctly...just gives him  time to digest everything
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    Re: Seguin...8min?

    Despite 4 unecssary drop passes and a bad game overall Seguin got called on when the game was on the line in the shoot out and scored unlike the vets. That was a tremendous vote of confidence in the kid by Julien despite his poor performance and he delivered for the coach. Nice job by the coach, nice job by the kid. Seguin is being handled well.
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    Re: Seguin...8min?

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    [QUOTE]He's a rookie. He had a ton of unforced turnovers. It was a 1-0 game, so you can't accept that in the 3rd period. It was also an extremely physical game, and he isn't big enough yet... the coaching staff probably also wanted to protect him for what happened to Krejci.
    Posted by Tommy617[/QUOTE]

    They benched him in the third because Krejci got hurt in OT?