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Settle down Bandwagon people...

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    Re: Settle down Bandwagon people...

    Those people have been waiting for the Bruins to lose so they can creep out of their holes and complain how the team is rotten in one way or another.   You never hear anything positive from them after the wins.  

    So we lost a game where we more or less outplayed the opponent.    The shots we would have liked to see go in (Horton breakaway, Savard fake pass and shoot short side,...etc) didn't go in.    The effort was good no great, a few things to learn from and move on.

    Kampfer impresses me more and more.   

    If Ryder was going through the struggles that Horton is having, people would be screaming bloody murder!
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    Re: Settle down Bandwagon people...

    Kelvana you have now experienced the mass trolldom and bandwagoning that goes on around here. Its extremely annoying this board is almost useless following a B's loss. Even in a close game even when they are 5-2 in the last seven.