Shelley on McQuaid

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    I don't feel it had to be Shelley per say. Just somebody, anyone. Once Adam was off the ice. Never mind the 5 min pp. Put Lucic, Thornton, Chara, Boychuk & Campbell out for the next shift. CJ has last change, so he can do that. Puck drops & someone finds someone. BTW- Dez. I wasnt referring to anyone specifically when I said go watch the ice capades. It was for anyone who doesn't like the vilolence. I agree it's ok for us to disagree. No harm done. "hand shake"
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    And we are friends again-cheers sir.
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    Re: Shelley on McQuaid

    2 game suspension for Shelley. Confirmed
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    Re: Shelley on McQuaid

    This was a case where the Bruins needed to risk losing the battle to win the war.  It's a regular season game in December.  Even if retaliating means no 5min PP, or that the Flyers win, you respond in kind for a whole host of reasons that have nothing to do with the Flyers or that particular game.  And let's not get stuck on the idea that a violent response = losing the game, just as a passive response demonstrably does NOT = winning the game.  I believe Wensink made the point that the Bruins have lost every game where an incident like this occurred.

    NAS's point about someone seeing red is bang on.  You can't jump Shelley then and there, fine, and he's out of the game, sure, but you don't have to go after the guy who made the hit.  You think Jeff Carter isn't going to have words with Jody after the game if the next shift, he's got Lucic feeding him fists?  Or if Chara goes off on him?  Think Richards would be happy to fight Thornton?  You make the team answer for the actions of any member of the team.  And it can't be this staged goofiness where there's a fight and then all's okay, because guess what?  Richards can fight.  If he goes with Ference, I'd put my money on Richards.  It has to be a commitment that makes guys like Carcillo and Shelley think twice about what response their teammates will have to endure because of their actions.

    Most importantly, though, one guy seeing red might just raise the temperature on this tepid little teapot of a lineup - which is what Legion points to in the Dallas game.  Don't think: Do. 
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    Re: Shelley on McQuaid

    YEAAAAA BOIIIII! Nice stuff BB.

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