Skinner vs. Seguin

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    I don't like how CJ is handling Seguin's development at all.  I am very glad that we have enough talent on this team where he doesn't have to play on the 1st line, but moving him from line to line, game after game makes zero sense.  In the last four games he has played three different positions with three different lines.  He needs some level of stability and I really liked him playing on the left side of Bergy and Rex. I was at the B's recent game down here in Florida and Seguin is bigger and faster then I thought...he is however extremely tentative on the ice.  He doesn't look aloof or confused, he just seems hesitant.  He reminds me of a sprinter waiting for the gun.  I truly believe part of this comes from his inconsistency when it comes to his line mates.  Seguin needs ice time...time with the puck on his stick....and shots.
    Posted by TuukkainNet

    Tuuka...I completely agree...100% (read my posts under "Seguin needs to be promoted"....nice to see that I'm not the only Bruin fan thinking the B's aren't handling Seguin properly...
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    Re: Skinner vs. Seguin

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    Seguin is likely hesitant because he's scared to death to make a mistake and end up on the fourth line, which ends up happening anyway. You see Skinner out there and he looks like he's actually having fun. Imagine that. An 18 year old kid leading NHL rookies in points skating on a top line with Eric Staal. The horror! They should be keeping him on a tight leash and forcing him to play within a strict system, right? Maybe in the long run it will be good for Seguin, but it bugs me seeing a kid playing scared. Look what happened with Stamkos. Melrose was convinced he wasn't ready to play in the NHL, but once he was let loose and allowed to make mistakes and learn and play instinctive hockey, he cranked it up. I think the entire Bruins team is wound too tight, and Seguin is probably feeling it the most.
    Posted by bear-in-the-woods

    Well said..Completely agree Bear.......B's mgmt have to wake up...agree with the others who have posted here supporting this point....See my post on "Seguin needs to be promoted"  for more of my thoughts
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    Re: Skinner vs. Seguin

    did you see skinners goal last night? WOW

    that's a lot of talent on display
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    Re: Skinner vs. Seguin

    Right now Seguin is on pace for about 15 + 15 30 total but now that he has Savard I think this will increase significantly. I think Julien put Tyler on the 4th line so he would do his part in learning how to check. For awhile he as a defensive liability. Tyler will get more time now Savard is what Julien was waiting for.